What They Say …

We can’t believe you could produce such a beautiful painting of our pet from a photograph. You’ve captured her expression and personality perfectly. We’ve hung it in the living room where we walk by it several times a day, and it never fails to bring a smile to our face.

With Molly’s mortality staring us in the face this is something we will have for the rest of our lives. It’s a lifetime treasure.

Helena & Mark - 'Molly'

I came home on my birthday to the most wonderful gift! Your portrait of Guido is stunning! I know this little boy very well…. so I say this with true meaning… You have caught his essence in a most splendid and outstanding way

Anita & David - 'Guido'

My beautiful boy Dylan. Tiff, you have captured his essence and spirit perfectly. It’s like my best friend is still with me. I can’t be happier. 

Gabrielle - 'Dylan'

The Queen was removed to be replaced by Muffin’s portrait

Mr Wilson - 'Muffin'

Allison - Awesome Foursome

You have an amazing talent. We were hanging this in the hallway but since seeing it, we decided it had to go above the fireplace in the main room.

Debbie - 'Olivia' & 'Zephyr'