Your Pets Portrait

Welcome and thanks for visiting my site!

I am an animal lover and happily in my area the majority of people own a pet, so I can never resist an interaction. I share my home with a Ragdoll and her company is wonderful.

I’ve been painting portraits for a long time and am continually heart-warmed by the responses I receive when I hand the painting to a pet’s mum or dad. It’s a privilege to be able to bring a loved soul to life on the canvas.

Creating portraits is a great way for me to be involved with the characters that are the animal members of our households. It’s also, always, an enjoyable challenge.

I look forward to meeting you and your pet.

Why a Painting and not a Photo?

There are people who reckon they may as well get a professional photograph taken of their pet, however there is a marked difference between a painting and a photograph. Paintings are tactile, and come to life when painted well. They also convey a warmth and feeling that you can’t experience from a photograph. My portraits and paintings you don’t just look ‘at’, you look ‘into’. There is a lot to see.